Ramage Inc and Friends “A quiet Earth” in support of Doctors Without Borders


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Bryan Ramage, Ramage Inc

Bryan Ramage, Howard Toshman, Jess Taylor, Neil McLaughlin, Jason Rebel, Darren Callaghan, Anne MacGregor, Callum Stevenson, Jackie Frank Russel, Tobias Schmuecking, Michael Martin, James McBay, Simon Patchett, Fraser Macintosh, Al Douglas

Abraham Sarache – cuatro, vocals Adam Peeroo – synths Al Douglas – guitar, vocals Alan Ross Van Downie – guitar, vocals Anabelle Iratni – vocals, lyre Bea García García – vocals, piano Bryan Ramage – vocals, guitar Callum Stevenson – guitar Colin MacGregor – vocals Darren Callaghan – guitar Jim Shemilt – drums, timpani, oil drums Jason Rebel – vocals Jay Stewart – guitar Jim Marten – guitar Laura Gilchrist – vocals Mateusz Głuszniewski guitar Marcin Buczek bass – guitar Marcin Durmaj – vocals Romain Jeuniaux – guitar Stuart McLeod bass – guitar Tom De Wit – vocals, random meows David Stott – guitar

Sound mix and mastering:
Bryan Ramage, Ramage Inc

Video editing
Marcin Buczek, Ramage Inc

Thanks to DM Audio Ltd for letting us use their premises and gear. 

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