Ramage Inc. is an experimental juggernaut hailing from the scenic backdrop of Edinburgh. The eponymous brainchild of producer, vocalist and guitarist Bryan Ramage, the band is one that seamlessly blends luscious melodies, muscular guitar riffs and unabashed aural exploration into a concoction that proves equally enthralling both on tape and on stage. With their dulcet tunes further decorated by the bass of Marcin Buczek, the shredding of Allan “Hef” Forsyth and the pounding rhythms of Paul “Hammy” Hameed, Ramage Inc.’s music constantly endeavours to reach new, unprecedented heights of intricacy and power.


Ramage Inc

“Under the skin”

1 Blood is burning red
2 Under the skin
3 Overload
4 Rhino
5 Journey to peace
6 Pale blue dot
7 Flood
8 Rain
9 Flames
10 Strive
11 At one with many mountains
12 Alone

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Ramage Inc

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Technical Rider

For any more info/materials please contact Marcin: marcin@ramageinc.net

  • Sonic Abuse
    ``Super tight, heavy as hell and with interesting, melodic vocals the band are just brilliant from start to finish.``
  • The National Student
    ``Ramage, Inc. (★★★★★) were the surprise of the day..``
  • Get Your Rock Out
    “Ramage Inc were definitely a highlight of the New Blood this year, their epic sound was infectious and the pedigree they were blasting out kept you gripped with their high tempo, solid riffage``
  • Overdrive
    ``Anyone that got to see this set; or has had a listen to their music can’t fail to be impressed by what they see and hear (...)Ramage Inc, remember the name``
  • Rock N Reel Reviews
    ``Scotland's best kept secret!``
  • Music Waves!
    ``Avec son style très affirmé, Ramage Inc nous livre un album de grunge progressif particulièrement riche et maîtrisé. A découvrir de toute urgence !``
  • Down The Front Media
    ``...It is an album you can let wash over you, or one you can immerse yourself in completely...``
  • Void Magazine
    ``Całość scala perfekcyjnie głos wokalisty, który odwala tutaj niesamowitą robotę. Koleś ma talent i nie lada warunki, z których potrafi korzystać. Album jak poprzednik, mimo, że trwa ponad godzinę to jednak nie nuży, tylko wciąga coraz głębiej i nie pozwala oderwać się od głośników``
  • Riff Relevant
    ``...progressive, melodically thrashy, and contemporary like nobody’s business...``
  • Decibel Geek Podcast
    ``For those who love melodic progressive metal, this is an album to purchase. Sterling work all round``
  • Dwayne Wright, Metal Nation
    ``Just when I think a band can’t really get any better, Ramage Inc. raise the bar for their own brand of melodic progressive metal and gives me another album I know I’ll be overplaying for years to come``
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